Activities at The Manor at Market Square

Manor at Market Square offers diverse options for creative pursuits and favorite pastimes! Our Activities Director creates a diverse monthly calendar full of the interests expressed by our residents. We recognize the importance of balancing social and entertaining activities with those focused on physical and mental well-being. Every day, we offer activities like fitness classes, cards, bingo, games, crafts and trips to restaurants, shopping or events. Plus, every month there are special events such as happy hours with live entertainment, picnics, festivals and special presentations with guest speakers. Planned activities and social events are included in the monthly rent at Manor at Market Square.

Below is a sample of typical activities that are scheduled for residents.

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Yoga is one of many active recreation programs available at The Manor at Market Square



8:30 am           Hair Salon Open

9:30 am           Current Events

10:15 am         Trivia Plus

10:30 am         Wacky Golf

1:45 pm           Bingo

2:30 pm           Tai Chi

3:30 pm           Word Search

6:30 pm           Card Games


9:45 am                 Exercise with Jen

10:15 am               Trivia Plus

1:00 pm                 Country Store Open

1:30 pm                 Bingo

3:30 pm                 Scrabble

6:30 pm                 Movie Night


8:30 am                 Hair Salon Open

9:45 am                 Exercise with Jen

10:30 am              Country Ride

1:30 pm                 Shopping at Weis

2:00 pm                 Country Store Open

3:00 pm                 Happy Hour with Entertainment

6:30 pm                 Board Games